Rosa De Los Vientos - 'Destination Unknown'

New journey, new phase, new chapter of Salasai. Taking us where the heart directs ‘All Paths Lead Here’ El Corozon (The Heart) - seeing the need to curate and limit ones offering to desired coveted pieces that sit together harmoniously.

Tradtional emblems of recognition represents the Salasai tweed prints but the added statements in English, Spanish and Japanese emphasise our inclusion and love for culture.

Mixing traditional and modern shapes to create a new dimension to each piece is what we have achieved in this range -  double bows, gold trimmed buttons, gathered volumous sleeves, extended peaking collars and embroidered motifs such as roses and swallows all surface from embraced historic costume.  

Feminine modern silhouettes of quiet luxury adorn the collection while moments of grunge and androgyny run deep and surface also. Soft tailoring, cashmere, silk and chunky knits all play a part not forgetting bold embroidered appliqué detailing and our favourite black brocade creating drama, volume and direction .