Salasai is designed in Australia by NZ designer Kirsha Whitcher, she has worked closely on the brand with Kelly Watson who is based in NZ and Salasai Textile designer Imogen Duxbury who is based in Western Australia.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of the people who make Salasai clothing is of the utmost importance to us. All Salasai pieces are manufactured in Hong Kong and China by boutique manufacturers who have no more than 30 staff making minimums of 30 units per colour.

All workers receive above living wage standards and work in a friendly and supportive working environment. Salasai visits factories and makers twice a year and during this time works directly with the manufacturing and sampling team.

90% of Salasai sourced fabric is deadstock or end of line fabrics as orders are small. Due to this, the availability of materials can vary so we either cut fewer or more items to ensure minimal fabric wastage.

Our in-house designed textiles are printed with water-based inks and 80% of our fabrics are natural fibers. From 2021 we endeavor to prioritise organic fibres for their lesser environmental impact and limit our use of blended materials so that our products are easily recycled should they end up in a landfill.

From SS2021, in efforts to reduce plastic usage, all Salasai garments will be transported from the manufacturer to stores in oxo-biodegradable garment bags which are compostable and biodegrade in 90-180 days. We are currently designing our courier packaging for online orders so products sent to customers are in fully biodegradable bags.

Transparency and addressing environmental concerns are a priority, with goals for improvement each season. In efforts to support our stockist’s and reduce product discounting, we are in conversation about an internal stock rotation system that will allow stockist’s to swap product depending on what sells well in each store. We hope that this system will encourage stock sell-through and discourage discounting and clothing wastage.

As a brand we are looking into offsetting our carbon emissions – watch this space.

If you have any questions or concerns about our supply chain or would like to learn more about our processes, please contact us.