Hailing from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, now based in Perth Australia, Salasai was founded by Kirsha Whitcher in 2007.
After graduating with a BA major in Fashion from Massey University, Whitcher was snapped up by then-popular streetwear brand Mooks Clothing in Australia, cutting her teeth at the helm of their womenswear range. Tasked with all areas of design, Whitcher travelled seasonally sourcing fabrics internationally gaining 360-degree insight into all aspects of product development and sourcing, she is a rare example of a designer with full knowledge of design from conception, to manufacturing to delivery.

Initial incarnations of the Salasai brand stayed true to Whitcher's New Zealand heritage. Styling references to early New Zealand culture, 90s hip hop and multiculturalism were represented alongside dark colours and unisex drape. Early Salasai was monochromatic with soft tailoring and a languid aesthetic, synonymous with the mood of New Zealand fashion at the time. This look placed Whitcher as a noted voice in the NZ fashion scene.

Since moving to Perth in 2012 and marking Salasai's ten-year milestone in 2017, the Salasai style has evolved. The undercurrent of New Zealand reference remains, with new femininity and confidence, an upper layer of luxe and refined craftsmanship. More recent introductions of softer palettes reflect a coming of age, an appreciation and embrace of female ability to be both hard and sweet simultaneously. There is no denying that the Salasai girl has strength, but now, her work boots come juxtaposed with a sheer lace dress, pearl buttons and bright wools, she is always comfortable of course, but she is much more playful now.

Concurrently, the Salasai brand extends to limited edition homewares. Salasai Home provides everyday comforts, bedding, cushions and kitchenware, released in a slow fashion for those who like their home neutrals with personality.

We hope you enjoy Salasai for years to come, as everyday pieces not driven by trend, they are designed to be revisited year after year and are made to last. If you have any questions about Salasai products, please contact us for more information.