‘ Salasai order of society’

Salasai AW2020 collection plays with the notions of mixing the genres of societies from high end royalty to utilitarian sportswear chic creating a medley of intended ironies.

Salasai’s own chopped up Madonna and child prints alongside spots mixed with reassembled grunge tartan patchworks play havoc in the aristocratic nature and make-up of this collection with unassuming textures of linens silk fine merino knitwear and overtly loud lace the collection is pieced together one ideal at a time.

Romanticism nostalgia coupled with the dissecting royal heritage tartans with a nod to punk represent the regal and grandiose personality of Salasai aw2020 silhouettes of lost elegance paying homage to sportswear comforts and functionality making this collection in essence an experimental juxtaposition.

 “but you wont fool the children of the revolution “ Marc Bolen of T.Rex.

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