Salasai AW2020 ‘Youth of Bourgeoisie’ pays homage to the voice of youth, often the narrators and instigators for change. Exploring the architypes of hierarchy and breaking down the societal walls that divide, creating Salasai’s ‘order of society’. Inviting lower, middle and upper class to dine at the same table in a medley of intended ironies.


Geo-heritage tartan lays foundation for the ‘Aristocrat’ print, echoing the call for unity. Where tartan once symbolised separatism, now unified in beautiful matrimony. Meanwhile, Madonna and child iconography emblazons the second print with romantic nostalgia contrasted with playful bold spots.


Feminine silhouettes detailed with sculpted sleeves carry through a collection highlighted with overly loud pea green lace, punchy check coating and pockets of unisex tailoring, true to the Salasai sartorial signature. Three piece relaxed suiting, heritage kilts and minimal utilitarian handling of styles accentuate a collection strong in direction while twinsets, merino jumpers and bold text pay homage to the Salasai’s own heritage.


“but you won’t fool the children of the revolution" Marc Bolen of T.Rex.


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