An alternate world, ‘NEON DESSERT’ professes a yearning for a futuristic affair.

An obscure romance between 70’s retro glamour and sci-fi intrigue. At the heart, a bold, eccentric print in neon and redwood, over layered with duo tone surrealist photocopy.Silk, sashes, and pearls adorn the Serenade to Saturn dress, while unique embellishments edit this season's SALASAI silhouettes. Gold and black hardware, oversized capitals in terry appliqué, gathered sleeve ends and playful neck ties – the detail is perverse and intriguing.

 The mystique of this surreal collection culminates in the Highway Trench, a coffee -coloured vegan offering with partner options, designed to be worn with ease and confidence. 

 Modern sportswear is highlighted by a re-worked SALASAI classic, the Moon rising bomber. Featuring a soft puff texture, this elevated classic alongside the merino twinsets earth a collection that’s head and heart float outer space.